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Featured Solutions

We solve the needs of iMIS Customers and have compiled an impressive list of supportable solutions. This section has some of our featured solutions.

Knowledgebase Builder

The Knowledgebase Builder (KBB) is an advanced document/multi-media Resource Library definition tool that is designed exclusively for the iMIS RiSE software package. With this utility, key staff can define new Libraries of documents and links to key resources. All documents are kept securely on the server outside the root of the site and can only be served to users that meet the user defined security requirements. Fully integrated with iMIS using the latest APIs and optimized with Lucene web search technology, the KBB offers very fast searches with document content searches available along with searching on user defined library data structures. Add Author(s) to resources using the iMIS Activity Module and measure customer engagement with Download activities.
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Mentor Management

Mentorship programs are key programs for many organizations. The Mentor Management suite of RiSE content types addresses these requirements and writes all information back to standard iMIS using supported APIs. The Mentor Request plug-in allows those seeking guidance in your community to submit their resume, top areas of support request and other information tailored to your industry. The Mentor Volunteer plug-in is used by would-be mentors to submit their willingness to volunteer along with their area of expertise. Everything is tied together with the Mentor Match plug-in. Mentors and Mentor Requests can be independently searched and matched based on mutual areas of interest. The Mentor Match Process is configurable to be utilized by public users. Once matched for the designated time frame, either participant can request a new match and this information is recorded with comments. Additional comment fields are available to document outcomes. All information is written to standard iMIS Activity and Demographic Modules.
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Article Management

This suite of upgradeable plug-ins are designed to give RiSE customers a submission to published content process for generating system Articles. You can allow your membership or any designated group access to submit articles as physical files with full description and category definition. Multiple authors can be added to any submission and written as an Article Activity. Designated staff or specified group may review, modify and approve the article. Articles are then added as content in the content management system as articles that use the Article Author display set to the submission id of the corresponding Article submission. After publishing the article, the URL of the final published location is added back to the submission activity and final “published” status is applied. Now you have all of your article submissions written as activities to each author’s record. All of your article content in your RiSE system can now be searched both with IQA or the RiSE CMS search. Implementation includes complete IA tagging, folder structure, template layout construction and iMIS activity/demographic module setup.
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Industry Alert Coordinator

Give your membership or designated subject matter experts a way to post industry updates to your site. Let the leaders of your industry shine and be engaged with your organization while getting valuable information out to your consumers. This system comes with an Alert submission plug-in where designated users can submit alert text of 1000 characters or less (configurable) along with designated submission categorie(s) and author information. Multiple authors can be added based on your filtering criteria and each will receive an Alert Activity. Designated staff or other user group may then approve or reject submissions. The final step is the creation of montly/quarterly editions as RiSE content with a corresponding IQA to returned formatted alerts for the designated time period so this valuable content is fully searchable both as content and through IQA.
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Credentials Retrieval

One of the biggest challenges for organizations is making it as easy for your customers to find and reset their account without compromising security. The Credentials Retrieval (CR) plug-in was created exclusively for the iMIS RiSE system to assist in matching users to existing accounts to help with customer satisfaction, greatly reduce duplicate records and minimize support calls. Replacing the standard “forgot password” process, users will be challenged to provide 4-6 pieces of information that only they should know. These values can be determined by your organization but email will always be present. If all of the information matches one or more records, these are shown to the user with enough details so they can select the correct one. Once selected, if the account is missing an email, a new one must be entered and it is verified. The next step is to determine if they have RiSE credentials setup, if not, their email is used as the default login when unique and the user may create their RiSE system credentials. In the case some information is not entered correctly but the email is recognized, an option is provided to send a link to reset password to that email. Finally, if there is no use match found, the option to create an account with standard RiSE tools is made available to the user.
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Volunteer Management

If you are an organization that opens up committee positions to qualified membership, this module can greatly streamline this process, document the process in RiSE activity module and ensure internal controls. The Volunteer Submission plug-in is configured to allow designated users to provide personal information including resume file and choose their top committee choices to volunteer their time. The Volunteer Match plug-in is where staff or designated users can match volunteers to iMIS committees based on preferences. Additional comments can be added by the matching users to document the process. Those designated as unqualified may be flagged as such. Request submissions are configured only be allowed once per designated time period to avoid duplicates and give the organization more control over the process.
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Additional Solutions

We have dozens of various software solutions for RiSE customers. In most cases, items listed here are free to our clients for significant cost savings on new projects.

  • Job Board - Built with mostly out of the box utilities with one enhancement, leverage RiSE to sell, approve and list Job Listings on your RiSE website.
  • Credentials Initialization - Uses supported APIs to initialize logins/passwords for designated records that have no credentials.
  • Member Join - ASI has greatly enhanced their join processes and we can use these utilities often for our clients but for those that want to build it out a specific way, we have dozens of join utilities that can be employed as a great starting point.
  • Member Upgrade, Downgrade and Reinstatement - We have a significant code base ustilizing supported APIs to allow members to change their membership type or reinstate their expired membership.
  • RiSE Cart Enhancement - We have extensive coding to add/edit RiSE cart items using iMIS SOA. Build your integrated cart software cost effectively with John Consulting.
  • Member Spotlight - Set who can be a featured member in IQA. Make sure they also have a picture and a bio too. Then let the plug-in to display random qualified profiles in a formatted output with photo, bio and link to profile.
  • Fundraising Enhancements - These include auto create family/organization on new account submission and jump list to other programs.

John Consulting works diligently to deliver iMIS related product to us and they have an encompassing knowledge of iMIS and how it can be configured and properly enhanced to meet our needs. Joe and his team are knowledgeable, personable, and very responsive. MORE FROM OUR CLIENTS