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Industry Insights

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Complimentary Membership Promotion

By Joseph John | April 27th, 2020

Recently a premier Honor Society in the United States came to us with a key offering. They planned to offer free memberships to selected prospects in these unprecedented times and this article describes how we accomplished it.

New Feature: iMIS Contact Importer

By Jenna Campbell | April 24th, 2020

In iMIS Enterprise 300 you can now import contacts directly into Staff Site from the Community module.

Personalizing Communications

By Jenna Campbell | April 23rd, 2020

This article outlines personalization strategies for iMIS Communications to help drive member renewals.

Covid-19 Statement & Commitment

By Joseph John | March 26th, 2020

John Consulting is committed to providing support for our customers during this difficult time. We have always operated as a virtual office and we are well suited to maintain continued support. We will continue to operate in compliance with local government regulations and we are watching closely for any change in policy of mandates from authorities.

RGCA Website Launch

By Joseph John | March 27th, 2020

John Consulting is pleased to announce the launch of new RiSE website for the Retail Gift Card Association. See their website here:

Special thanks to our client team members Quincy Gottwig (Operations & Events Manager) and Karin Maida (Webmaster & iMIS Specialist).

Activity Attachments in the Cloud

By Jenna Campbell | March 24th, 2020

ASI has brought over the Activity Attachment feature to the cloud in iMIS Enterprise 300 and it is bettter than ever!

Power BI Client Examples

By Jenna Campbell | March 25th, 2020

Jenna gives a high-level look at and some tips for using three select Power BI visualizations in this video.

Tips & Tricks: IQA Logo List

By Joseph John | March 25th, 2020

Joe shares some sample scripts to create a dynamic logo list in IQA.

Measuring Engagement

By Joseph John | February 26th, 2020

We were recently hired to implement a complete engagement scoring system for a long-time iMIS customer. This article outlines the key strategies used to deliver a very powerful dataset of engagement scoring including: what to score, scoring frequency, weights and segmenting results.

iMIS Pay Central

By Jenna Campbell | February 26th, 2020

ASI has recently rolled out a complete end-to-end, PCI compliant integrated payment solution for iMIS. iMIS Pay Central, powered by Global Payments, is available on iMIS Cloud (20.3) and will be available on iMIS 2020 when released in the second half of the year.

Welcome Iris John to the Team!

By Joseph John | February 24th, 2020

We welcome Iris John to the John Consulting team as our marketing & customer care support manager.

How to install Google Fonts for your SSRS Reports

By Jenna Campbell | February 26th, 2020

This article walks through the process of adding your branded Google Fonts to SSRS reports for iMIS.

4 Powerful Features of iMIS Report Writer

By Jenna Campbell | January 27th, 2020

Feature-rich reporting is coming soon to iMIS Cloud clients. ASI has partnered with Exago to create the new iMIS Report Writer for Cloud clients.

Chrome 80 is Coming with Stricter Rules for Cookies

By Joseph John | January 27, 2020

This article delves into the new Chrome default cookie restrictions related to “SameSite” settings. Simply put, SameSite is Google's action to reduce malicious activity related to 3rd party cookies and all those responsible for managing a website should be aware of these new settings before they roll out in the next few months.

Updates from a Power BI Implementation: Part 1

By Jenna Campbell | January 27, 2020

Power BI is a great choice for iMIS users who want to pull in data from multiple sources including iMIS and take reporting to the next level with rapid visual analytics tools, inherent AI and more. This is the first article in our Power BI implementation series. This article highlights setting up a shared workspace for the datasource.

Thank you to our newest clients

By Jenna Campbell | January 27th, 2020

John Consulting wishes to extend a warm welcome to our newest clients from last quarter: America’s Essential Hospitals, American Water Resources Association, International Society for Environmental Epidemiology, Minnesota Social Services Association, National Association of Watch & Clock Council and the New Hampshire Bankers Association.

Tech Tip: jQuery - noConflict

By Joseph John | January 27, 2020

The .ready() method is often used to have jQuery commands run on page load however often the scripts do not work because it will conflict with the iMIS system’s prior use of this command. By using the “noConflict” command, you can avoid this conflict and load your own custom “ready()” functions without fear of conflict.

NiUG Discovery 2019 Takeaways

By Joseph John | November 10th, 2019

There were many positive takeaways from the conference including: new self-hosted iMIS version coming, new iMIS cloud version, new reporting platform Exago and the introduction of Microsoft Power BI for iMIS customers.

Kaplen JCC On the Palisades RiSE Website Launch

By Joseph John | November 19th, 2019

On Thursday October 24th, 2019 and with the help of John Consulting, The Kaplen JCC on the Palisades successfully launched their new iMIS RiSE platform as their primary website: Check out this article to learn more about the features!

Introducing Microsoft Power BI for iMIS

By Jenna Campbell | November 25th, 2019

Microsoft Power BI is a suite of software services and apps that allow you to easily and effectively generate interactive reports and share insights about your organization. Power BI also uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze your data at the click of your mouse. In this article, we highlight 4 features: Embedding in RiSE, Simple Reporting & Sharing, Q & A and Quick Insights.

Jenna Campbell is Promoted to Senior Consultant

By Joseph John | November 5th, 2019

I am happy to announce the promotion of Jenna Campbell to Senior iMIS Consultant. Since joining our team in August 2016, Jenna has thrived as an external iMIS consultant.

RSS Feed Reader Advanced iPart for RiSE

By Joseph John | December 5th, 2019

John Consulting introduces the RSS Feed Reader Advanced iPart for iMIS. This new plug and play iMIS Advanced iPart can be placed on any content block in your RiSE website and allows your RiSE content producer to specify any RSS feed to be display on your site.

John Consulting is attending 2019 NiUG Discovery

By Joseph John | October 9th, 2019

John Consulting is excited to be attending 2019 NiUG Discovery next week in our hometown of Baltimore! We are very interested to see the latest features released by ASI and get updates on what will be happening in 2020.

Jenna's top Picks - New Billing Features

By Jenna Campbell | October 2nd, 2019

Jenna highlights her top 5 picks for new features in the latest iMIS 300 Cloud system. Likely soon to come to self-hosted versions.

Creating Admin Portals Out of the Box

By Joseph John | October 9th, 2019

Joe outlines how he was able to create RiSE administrative portals with standard tools.

John Consulting Partners with Higher Logic

By Joseph John | August 12, 2019

John Consulting becomes a Higher Logic Referral Partner and successfully implements our first Higher Logic Community website design.

John Consulting Hires a New Consultant!

By Joseph John | August 12, 2019

John Consulting welcomes experienced iMIS user Nina Toche to the team!

Filter iMIS Emails based on Logs

By Joseph John | August 12, 2019

Read about our iMIS Communication Log Filter IQA. Send the same email more than once to ensure maximum reach without sending duplicate emails.

Modify iMIS SSRS Reports

By Jenna Campbell | August 2, 2019

Jenna Campbell was awarded the iMIS 2017 Data Management Certification!

Jenna Campbell Awarded Certification

By Joseph John | June 26th, 2019

Jenna Campbell was awarded the iMIS 2017 Data Management Certification!

ASI Partners with LMS TopClass

By Joseph John | June 18th, 2019

ASI introduces partnership and integration with leading LMS TopClass.

ASI Releases Service Pack Q

By Joseph John | June 5th, 2019

ASI released the latest iMIS 300 Service Pack Q on May 23rd. John Consulting successfully -applies it to 2 customers.

Sprint Review Notes

By Jenna Campbell | March 6th, 2019

Sprint Review notes from 3/5/2019 session on new iMIS Enterprise and Professional features.

Sprint Review Notes

By Jenna Campbell | March 4th, 2019

Sprint Review notes from 2/19/2019 session on new iMIS Professional features.

reCAPTCHA 2.0 for RiSE

By Joesph John | January 28nd, 2019

Protect your website from robots and abusive scripts. reCAPTCHA 2.0 for RiSE is a simple addition that increases your site’s security.

Sprint Review Notes

By Jenna Campbell | January 22nd, 2019

Notes from 1/22/2019 Sprint Review contain additional information about new features debuted in December 2018.

Sprint Review Notes

By Jenna Campbell | December 22nd, 2019

Notes from 10/22/2018 Sprint Review, where ASI previewed some exciting, new features.

Create Successful Content by Avoiding These Pitfalls

By Jenna Campbell | September 1st, 2018

Article on authoring content from The NUiG Connection newsletter.


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