Case Study

Federation of Regulatory Council

Working with John Consulting, FORC was able to rebuild their brand from the ground up and create a publishing system in RiSE to communicate their expertise more effectively.

Template Design

Project Overview

The Federation of Regulatory Counsel (FORC) is an organization consisting of the top talent in insurance and regulatory law. Working with John Consulting, FORC was able to rebuild their brand from the ground up and establish a publishing system to provide a platform to communicate their expertise more effectively.

Our challenge in redefining their brand was to communicate the experience and insightfulness of FORC attorneys the through a powerful and vibrant look and feel. Our solution included a clean and legible page template system that ensures easy reading and succinct navigating. Our design solutions sought to shine a light on the individual FORC members and establish them as thought leaders in the field of regulatory and insurance law.

As a basic primary website design engagement, 8+ finished designs were completed including the USA Map Directory, Force Home, Journal Page home and Alert Page. Additional client reviews were also conducted and various finished design options presented as part of a basic full website design package.

Our delivered solution included a clean and legible page template system, which ensures easy reading and succinct navigating. We highlighted individual FORC members while staying true to the established FORC brand.


RiSE Implementation
FORC is a new iMIS client so this project involved moving them to iMIS. The RiSE website implementation began with a copy of the standard ASI responsive template and was implemented with designed content components for a finished look. Standard styles for buttons and on standard pages were styled to match designs.

John Consulting developed a publishing system with rapid entry forms for submitting article and alert information that includes all authors into the iMIS Activity Module. An approval and publishing process was setup to facilitate pushing article content into designed online web pages and tie them back to the related activity information making the content management published pages searchable with IQA. Features included multiple authors allowed for any alert or article, primary author designation, designed IQA output of article and alert data, IQA filtering and output with direct links to published content, multiple designed tagged list output and user defined field implementation for listing authors in content.

For both our Map Member Directory and the published FORC Article pages, FORC needed the ability to show member or author information to the public. A new advanced content type was created by John Consulting so when a new article is published in RiSE, this new content type is set with the article activity key “Article ID” value so the current authors for the submission are pulled from iMIS. If the Article ID parameter is blank it will look for the ID in the URL making it a double duty public profile iPart for the member directory public profile pages.

FORC utilized extensive tagging to define their publishing model as well as make the folder structure auto assign most tags required. As a result the content data is searchable and filterable based on publication type, year, and edition automatically.

FORC is a great example of a client new to iMIS who can now create new extensive web systems relatively quickly by leveraging all standard features while also leveraging supported APIs to make upgradeable and supportable enhancement content types. One of our core services is creating and implementing well-designed and highly functional primary customer websites in the iMIS RiSE system. Managing all of your content and your iMIS systems integrated RiSE Engagement System features all in one site is a great option for many iMIS clients. We specialize in leveraging the many standard features while also nimbly developing any needed enhancements efficiently with supported APIs. For a free consultation on how you can benefit from these services please CONTACT US.


Design Services

  • Branding
  • User Experience
  • Wire-Framing
  • Visual Design
  • Style Guide
  • Developer Delivery


RiSE Services

  • Responsive Template
  • Designed HTML Content
  • RiSE style blending
  • Extensive Tagging
  • Article & Alert System
  • Member Directory
  • Software Enhancements

Case Study

NAELA Foundation

The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) partnered with John consulting to develop a brand and voice for their Foundation. The NAELA Foundation works to protect the rights of elder and special needs Americans. In 2020, the foundation undertook a redesign to better communicate their mission and priorities to potential donors, their clientele and the legal profession at large.